Share your experience, ideas, innovations, and knowledge with leaders in the
controlled environment agriculture
communities on November 1-2, 2022.

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With a focus on environmental excellence in controlled environment agriculture, the conference seeks to present papers and programs that cover coordinated support systems to achieve energy efficiency, water circularity, and emissions reduction opportunities in greenhouses and indoor farms.

One complimentary Conference Pass will be provided to primary speakers.


The following tracks are developed to support the conference theme of “Policies, Programs & Practices to Advance Efficient Greenhouse & Vertical Farming”

CEA Regulations, Codes, and Standards

Policies shaped by governments and industry organizations influence the resource efficiency of CEA operations at the regional and national level. This track will focus on describing the ways jurisdictions are requiring minimum performance standards being met by greenhouses and indoor cultivation. Sessions in this track will explore the ways building systems are affected and efficient technologies encouraging energy efficiency, water conservation, and emissions reductions are promoted using efficiency and safety standards, energy codes, and environmental regulations.

Programs for Efficient Production

Energy efficiency programs support producers with technical assistance and reduce the capital cost of high-performance equipment while delivering cost-effective energy savings and relieving energy supply constraints. Utilities also serve customers with educational resources to enhance business success and can help achieve government goals for energy use and emissions reductions. Presentations highlighting innovative controlled environment agriculture incentive offerings and training models fit into this track. Sessions in this track focus on strategies for coordinated support systems to overcome barriers to resource efficiency issues specific to emerging technologies.

Best Practices for CEA Facilities

Sharing producer stories through best practices guidance can be an effective way to increase awareness, counter technology-specific skepticism, and build trust for new approaches and equipment. This track will share presentations related to high-performance facility design & construction, efficient horticultural lighting, resilient HVAC systems for greenhouses and vertical indoor farms, and environmental controls systems for automating and monitoring diverse facility systems. Sessions in this track will explore case studies of CEA facilities using best practices to operate high-performance systems and achieve excellence in productivity and efficiency.


Follow the link below to fill out the online form. You will be prompted to choose the conference track that your session should be listed under. You may enter multiple speaking proposals. Please submit all proposals no later than May 23, 2022. Notifications will be sent by July 15, 2022.

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If accepted, draft conference presentations are due September 30, 2022. Final presentations will be reviewed in advance of the conference by the session moderator and feedback will be provided in speaker planning calls.

Accepted conference presentations are published in the RII catalog as part of the Proceedings of the Resilient Harvests Conference.