Full Name
Robb Chase IV
Job Title
Community Engagement Manager
Speaker Bio
Robb Chase is the Community Engagement Manager for Plenty. He was raised in Compton, CA, where his love for community gelled. From Compton, he was able to experience the "small town" feel, although the City itself is nestled in the heart of a big urban populace. With his Father being a community leader and his parents being entrepreneurs in the City of Compton, they always strove to instill in him the principle of giving back to the Community. It is also in Compton, where Robb understood that there was a need for better resources, and access to healthy food options. Robb would go on to graduate 3rd in his class at Compton High School and subsequently graduate from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in Economics and double major in Film & Media. With his relentless drive to be an entrepreneur himself, the study of Economics helped root him in the practicality of resourcing and Film & Media helped to shape his ability to have creative vision. Years later, Robb found himself working at the City of Compton, serving as the Executive Assistant to the City Manager and also the City Attorney. This experience would be the key that unlocked the world of possibilities related to Community Engagement and allowed him an inside look at the real needs of the community. From there, he would go on to work for Plenty, coming on first as a consultant helping navigate the company through the Compton community with emphasis on special projects, which eventually evolved to him becoming the company's first Community Engagement Manager. Robb now leads the Community work and strategy for Plenty across three locations as it stands, and with recent announcements for the company's expansion to Virginia, soon to be a fourth.
Robb Chase