Full Name
Corinne Wilder
Job Title
VP of Global Business Operations
Speaker Bio
Before she was Vice President of Global Business Operations at Fluence—even before she was a marine biologist—Corinne Wilder was an explorer. Corinne has spent her career fusing her childhood love for science with the rigors of international business development. From growing up in the wilderness in a State Park in Texas, to learning the intricacies of LED technology and energy codes at Panasonic, she has always had the interplays of ecosystem, sustainability and efficiencies close to her heart. Throughout her time at Fluence, she has spoken at over 30 industry events on best practices for facility design and efficient lighting strategies. Today, Corinne serves as the Vice President of Global Business Operations at Fluence and is responsible for internal cross-functional operations, heading the company’s utility rebates and incentive programs, and driving international alignment to meet strategic goals for the cannabis and commercial food markets.
Corinne Wilder